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Using an external shredding service?


Could you employ an alternative data protection system that is more compliant, typically 10 times more secure, but costs up to 5 times less?


Typical shredding for a shredding service

Can be up to 15cm long allowing sensitive and personal information to be visable and easily read or gathered.


Typical shredding from a HSM Pure office shredder

These particules are 4.5x30mm and sll symetric meaning you might get the odd word but never a line of confidentail or sensitive details.


Shredding services – Ask yourself 3 key questions... 

At first glance, third party Shredding Services can appear to be a convenient, cost effective way of disposing of documents, but how secure and cost effective is the typical shredding service and are they CPNI/GDPR compliant? 

1.  Are you getting what you think you’re getting?
Many shredding Services shred at P-1 or even larger cut size. A typical office shredder shreds at around 10 times smaller!  Ask to see the shred size in the truck—you’ll probably be very surprised how big it is!

2.  How secure is the process? – does it help compliance?
What is the risk of unauthorised access to complete documents?  Non-specific certificates of Destruction offer no protection against data breach inves-tigation, liability or fines.

3.  Is it cost effective?
In-house shredding solutions typically save 80%+ over the cost of 5 years of a shredding service

In-house Shredding vs Shredding Service – Stages of Risk


CPNI - Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure

Did you know…

The CPNI, the Home Office body responsible for Government document destruction standards, does not approve mobile or off-site shredding services for any documents above the very lowest “Official” classification, due to the threat of accidental loss, espionage, inside attack or theft from site, vehicle, storage or destruction facility.


If you use a shredding service...

  • Under GDPR you are still liable for the ultimate security of personal data even though you have passed it to a 3rd party destruction service.
  • Sensitive documents can be left whole in a shredding console with a basic lock for days or weeks at risk of unauthorised access.
  • When consoles are full, confidential documents can be piled on top for anyone to access.
  • Third party operatives could introduce potential virus infection risk.
  • When transferring to a shredding vehicle, documents could be subject to loss, theft or unauthorised viewing.
  • A shredding truck shredding to BS15713 Level 3 at 2,800mm2 produces pieces about half the area of a business card!
  • A non-specific “Certificate of Destruction” will not protect you from your data protection obligations and the potential fines, publicity and loss of reputation of a data breach.
  • You are possibly spending 5 times more over 5 years than by using your own in-house shredders.

How best to deal with confidential paper waste

The best policy is to shred all internal documents as a matter of routine

  • Ask the question- Do i need this document on paper anymore?
  • Shred All policy - Destroy it now!
  • Shred little and often - quick & easy. No onerous long periods stood at the shredder, Dont let a large pile build up.
  • Shred where you work - Render documents harmless at point of use.
  • Don't forget mobile workers - they need small shredders in their home offices.

A True Story....

We used to use an off-site shredding company and thought we were receiving a good service, until one day we witnessed the driver putting a large bag of our un-shredded paper into our neighbour’s wheelie bin. He had taken 25 bags from our office and placed them in his van, he then came back to get the paperwork signed and picked up the last bag. But rather than unlock his van and put the last bag inside, he decided to throw it into a nearby bin!  

Luckily for us I was looking out of my office window to see this happen. I called the company straight away and cancelled my contract with immediate effect. If the staff of this shredding company can be so lazy to just discard the un-shredded paper within meters of my office how could I ever trust them to shred the paper properly and securely when they are back at their premises? 

Within 24 hours I was on the phone to SRS and they supplied me with 13 shredders, 1 for each breakout area. The shredders took about 2 weeks to arrive and are working well for us. We wish we had bought shredders from day 1 rather than using a shredding service, they have saved us thousands of pounds to have our own and more importantly, we know our confidential paperwork is being shredded securely.

Facilities Manager

National Charity 

Is your shredding service protecting you?

We can help...

  • ADVISEon auditing your shredding service
  • INCREASE your data secuirty & compliance
  • DECREASE the opportunity for unauthorised access
  • COST SAVINGS typically of 60-80% over 5 years

Call 0844 8000840 or email for further information or to book your audit.