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Why buy the Edward cardboard Shredder?

  • Transform your used cartons into valuable packaging material without wasting time and effort!
  • Free up the warehouse space for packaging materials.
  • It reduces the costs of waste disposal and packaging.
  • Ecological, space-saving and economical.
  • Reinforced blades resistant even to the passage of small metal pieces.
  • Simple and practical control panel.
  • Sturdy structure and casing in sheet steel.
  • All models are portable on wheels.
  • Thanks to the lateral opening of the cutting mouth, cardboard of any size can be used
  • All models are equipped with a connection for dust extraction systems.
  • Oversized motor for excellent reliability.

With Edward you can choose three types of cut:

Elastic Net




The NET version converts the cartons into a shock-absorbing and flexible net.

Replaces Styrofoam Peanuts for Packaging, Air Bubbles and Packaging Airbags.

The STRIPES version reduces cardboard waste into (long) strips.

The striped version is therefore the best solution to replace special packaging or for Animal Bedding.

The CONFETTI version converts the material into cardboard confetti.

Useful as a substitute for chips or polystyrene shavings.

The best way to pack delicate crystal and glass objects.


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