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Cut Size (mm): 5 x100

Cutting Speed: 210 mm/sec

Manufacturers Warranty (years): 1

Power (watts): 2100

Throat Width (mm): 427

Voltage: 230 Volt / 50-60 Hz

KOBRA FLEXPACK is ideal for anyone looking for an ecological and economical solution when it comes to packaging material.
• Kobra Flexpack CAN PROCESS UP TO 3 LAYERS OF CARDBOARDS (depending on the thickness) into padding mats from corrugated cardboards or into compressed filling material for secure deliveries of difficult to pack and/or heavy items regardless of any piece of metals or staples.
• The CUSHIONING VOLUME OF THE PACKAGING MATERIAL IS ADJUSTABLE through a specifically designed robust plate on the back of the throat.
• Kobra Flexpack has an ADJUSTABLE WORKING WIDTH WITH SCALE enabling the user to optimize the measure of the packaging material. Moreover, it has a large and convenient support table ensuring easy operation.
• Kobra Flexpack carries the latest TOUCH SCREEN TECHNOLOGY, the most technologically advanced on the market today. It shows a remarkable touch screen keypad where functions are activated by simply touching the panel. Flexpack also shows an LED loading meter indicating the work load of the machine.
• The unit produces VERY LOW NOISE LEVEL ON A 24-HOUR CONTINUOUS DUTY OPERATION and carries a very high-efficient motor that can save considerable electrical energy cost.
• It stands out for its STURDY AND ROBUST KOBRA POWER UNIT and for its Kobra HIGH CARBON GRADE STEEL CUTTING KNIVES. It plugs into a single-phase power supply.
• Kobra Flexback is a stand-alone/free standing unit equipped with an elegant EMERGENCY OFF SWITCH for user safety.
• It is easy to move as it is EQUIPPED WITH CASTORS and PARKING BREAK.

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