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Infeed height (mm): 11

Manufacturers Warranty (years): 1

Power (watts): 600

Throat Width (mm): 427

Voltage: 230 Volt / 50-60 Hz

Kobra Flexpack desktop is the ideal ecological and economical solution when it comes to packaging material. There is no need to throw used cardboards to waste anymore. Pack your products with the cardboards you already have and protect your objects in the best, safest, cheapest way. Kobra Flexpack desktop transforms used cardboard boxes into filling material either as a packing and cushioning material or as a filling material for safe deliveries of any product. Kobra Flexpack desktop simultaneously cuts and perforates cardboard to create high-quality packaging material. This will help save cost, time and protects the environment.


KOBRA FLEXPACK is ideal for anyone looking for an ecological and economical solution when it comes to packaging material.
• Kobra Flexpack CAN PROCESS UP TO 11mm OF CARDBOARDS into padding mats from corrugated cardboards or into compressed filling material for secure deliveries of difficult to pack and/or heavy items regardless of any piece of metals or staples.
• The CUSHIONING VOLUME OF THE PACKAGING MATERIAL IS ADJUSTABLE through a specifically designed robust plate on the back of the throat.
• Kobra Flexpack has an ADJUSTABLE WORKING WIDTH WITH SCALE enabling the user to optimize the measure of the packaging material. Moreover, it has a large and convenient support table ensuring easy operation.
• Kobra Flexpack carries the latest TOUCH SCREEN TECHNOLOGY, the most technologically advanced on the market today. It shows a remarkable touch screen keypad where functions are activated by simply touching the panel. Flexpack also shows an LED loading meter indicating the work load of the machine.
• The unit produces VERY LOW NOISE LEVEL ON A 24-HOUR CONTINUOUS DUTY OPERATION and carries a very high-efficient motor that can save considerable electrical energy cost.
• It stands out for its STURDY AND ROBUST KOBRA POWER UNIT and for its Kobra HIGH CARBON GRADE STEEL CUTTING KNIVES. It plugs into a single-phase power supply.


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